Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Hayden Christensen (By Ibai)

Hayden Christensen is an actor.

He started acting in T.V films when he was 13.

Now he is 36 year old.
He was born in 1981 in Vancouver (Canada) .

His star sign is Aries.
Hayden was very excited playing Anakin Skywalker, "Darth Vader" and mentor "Obi wan Kenobe".

The film is very exciting and there are a lot of fights .

Hayden needed stilts to interpret  Darth Vader because he is shorter than the original Darth Vader.

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RIHANNA (By Yuliana)

Rihanna is a singer. She is 29 years old.

She was born in Barbados (the Caribean).

Rihanna is a singer.
In 2005 she sold 2 million copies and was number 10.

Rihanna wen to the USA to record her second and third albums "a girl like me" ( 2006) and  "good girl gone bad" (2007)
"Good Girl Gone Bad "was released in Europe in 2007 and it was a big success.

Rihanna  is a pop star but she's also a model and an actress.

In 2012 and 2016 she reached number 1 on bilboard 200 an is among the top 10 music sellers of he world. She also came out in the Guinness Book because of selling most digital songs.

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Vanessa Anne Hudgens is 28 years old.
Her birthday is on December 14th.
She is from Salinas (California) - U.S.A.
She is an actress, a singer, a model, a composer and an designer.
Her music is contemporary dance, R&B and  pop.
She does not play any instrument.
She says that the instrument she plays is her voice.
She works in Hollywood Records.
She loves to see her friends,go to the movies and also go shopping.
She has a dog called shadow and three turtles.

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Alan Walker (By Mikel)

BATMAN (by Oihan)

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His name is Batman.
His cartoon is seventy years old. It was  born in 1939, in  the USA.

Batman was born in Gotham City.
He is a superhero.
He fights versus crime and he  doesn't have  any especial powers.
He uses his strength , his  intelligence and his  detective skills.
He likes his Batmobile and  helping people in Gotham City.
He hates criminals because criminals killed his parents.
Joker, penguin and Catwoman are some of those criminals.